The Avartin company  used the separator machine to separate wheat and barley from weeds, insect eggs, and various types of pests and other unpleasant impurities. This machine, depending on the moisture content and the percentage of waste in the cereals, had a range of capacities (from 20 to 200 tons per hour), and this variety is owed to the drum, dual motors, the rotation system and transmission spirals .

Applicability of the separator machine:

Separator machine is used to separate large-scale waste in high-capacity from cereals before being stored in silos or grain carriers. It is also used to purify extra grains from cereals such as stems, peel and impurities. Obviously, the cleaned grains are dried up more quickly then the costs of keeping and transporting are reduced.

Types of separator machine manufactured by Avartin company

 Avartin company based on its extensive activities on this field produces various separator machine as follow.

Rotary separator machine (200 tons per hour)

دستگاه بوجاری دوار شرکت آورتین

Hanging separator machine (50 tons per hour)

دستگاه بوجاری آویز آورتین

Vibration separator machine

دستگاه بوجاری ویبره

Magnetic separator machine

دستگاه بوجاری مغناطیسی شرکت آورتین

How to operate the separator machine

according to variety of sieve sizes and fan-wind in a successive stages, the final product is delivered as complete purification.
The base of the operation of this machine is divided into two main parts. In the first part by fan, the wind is blown and according to the weight of the additions and impurities are removed, and then according to the grain size in a few steps by the sieves, product is separated from other extras such as weeds, chips, leaves and stems, etc.
The machine has a variety of types, and this variety is due to the type of product and its impurities, but the common aspect of them are the cleaning of the products. commonly Types of this machine that used belonging to grains, seeds, wheat, sesame and rice.

In the end, for more information you can refer to other devices made by Avartin company as the jet filter and how it works in Wiki Blog section.

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