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Construction of flour mills
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Supply and design of machines
Construction of silos in the public sector
Construction of silos in the private sector
Avartin Company

Member of Iran Food Machinery Manufacturers Association


Why Avartin?

Avartin company is committed to providing products and services which meet our customer’s expectations in a timely fashion while serving our employees, vendors, and communities in an environment where all people are treated fairly, with integrity, respect, and consideration of economic benefit for all. we’re more than just machines and equipment. Our knowledgeable staff provides a link between your applications needs and the solution.

Avartin Company

Leading in the field of manufacturing equipment for flour mills

The high quality of equipment and machinery of flour mills made by Avartin Company has made it the first choice of the country’s craftsmen and has faced great success in the field of export.

The latest products of Avartin Company

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The most important activities of Avartin Company

The managers of our company have always strived for the quantitative and qualitative development of their factory and the growth and promotion of Aortin’s products and products, and have always been and continue to be up to date and move in step with reputable partners and manufacturers in Western Europe. For this reason, Avertin usually has a new design and always a new machine under study and construction.


Construction and installation of material handling equipment


Construction and operation of grain storage silos


Construction and execution of horizontal and vertical silos


Manufacture of equipment for flour mills

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