The Belt Conveyor

Avartin Company introduces a new advanced and original enclosed conveyor design called The Belt Conveyor, a system combined of a standard belt supported on a bed of pressurized air over a formed steel trough. This new design remove idlers and all the maintenance issues associated with the common conveyor design. Most importantly, this new design resolve the safety and environmental matter caused by dust that is commonly generated by other conveyor designs.

The Belt Conveyor is a simple cradle system that supports the formed carrying through and covers. A central air manifold provides the air pressure to suspend the belt. The basic part includes the head and tail unit and the required number of middle sections. The middle sections are composed of four main part - the trough, manifold, saddle support, and binding. The only rotating part is the head and tail pulleys.

The Conveyor is also armed with a fully enclosed binding and integrated air slide return that provides for a dust-free system that essentially mitigates housekeeping. For quick and easy assembling, the Conveyor is constructed in standard modular sections. Complete erection cost for The Belt Conveyor is less than conventional idler conveyors.

Important Features:


• Low noise
• Controls dust
• No spillage
• Reduced rain contamination
• Handles all bulk materials
• No belt alignment
• Higher allowable belt speeds
• Fully enclosed
• Steeper conveying angles
• No nip points
• Moving belts totally enclosed
• No rollers means no access required
• No rollers means reduced fire danger
• No walkway needed, but can be supplied as an option
• No belt sag
• No idlers
• No pull cord switches
• No lights along length of conveyor
• Reduced belt damage
• Modular design
• No belt training
• Less number of support bents
• Reduced foundation loads
• No roller means reduced friction, reduced parts replacement, reduced
house cleaning


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