Chain Conveyors Important Features

Custom solutions for all bulk materials. Avartin Manufacturing Engineering has manufactured chain conveyors for long time ago.

Equipment lifetime

The lifeline to your company is efficient, low maintenance, conveyor system. A correctly designed system will move products effectively and timely perform at peak capacity, and your conveyor system will last much longer.


Our experts can help you boost your conveyor’s productivity. We have years of experience that it takes to really know and understand industrial material handling.


If you need a custom products solution we can design and engineer a complete “Turnkey Custom System” designed specifically to meet your exact needs. 

Conveyor Types

Avartin Company designs and supplies complete conveyor systems including both strand and redler type conveyors.

Important Features:

Totally enclosed, dust-tight and air-tight construction
Has up to a 45 degree incline to storage location and/or disposal location
Reduced capital costs
Long reliable operational service life
High handling rates
Minimum space requirements
Lower power consumption
Less maintenance requirements Truss Support
Avartin Co. is leading supplier with true global market coverage in dry bulk handling including Bulk Storage, Port Terminals and Conveyor Technology. Avartin Co. has a large portfolio of products for bulk handling as well as a proven capability to execute large turn-key projects. Avartin Co. offers a large portfolio of standardized products that can be customized according to individual bulk operating requirements as well as specialized customer solutions, including the development of custom machines and systems.


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