Grain Storage Silos- part 1

[:fa]سیلوی بتنی ساخت شرکت آورتین[:]

Grain Storage Silos are generally used to store grains in large quantity. They are mostly used to minimize the loss of grain by strong it safely and properly. There are many storage methods accessible yet among them, grain silos are the most well-known. The purposes for grain silos prominence are reasonable cost and simple upkeep.

Grain silos are now being used worldwide due to various reasons mentioned below.

  • Grains are perishable and have a good shelf life. thus silos storage system help in increasing the shelf life by further providing better protection.
  • Due to their definite shape they provide greater storage in limited space.
  • Typical engineering in these silos ensure that moisture and other harsh climatic conditions do not affect the quality of grains.

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