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Bunker Feeder


Avartin company have been involved in the design, construction and installation of flour mills since 1985. In the past few years, they have also been expanding their efforts in mechanization and manufacturing of machinery and equipment for silos and mechanized storage of wheat such as hammer mill. A hammer mill is an indispensable car in the pharmaceutical industry and food industry. You can use it for crushing, spraying, destroying, crushing and reducing materials to the right size.

[:fa]دستگاه های خرد کننده اندازه غلات آسیاب نامیده می شوند. به طور کلی در آسیاب کردن دو عمل اساسی وجود دارد:

1- خرد کردن دانه که در آن دانه و یا قسمت های دیگر آن به قطعات کوچکتری تبدیل می شود.

2- الک کردن که عبارت است از جدا کردن و طبقه بندی ذرات مختلف حاصل از خرد کردن گندم[:]

Centrifugal waltz assist device

[:en]دستگاه کمک والس سانتریفوژ ساخت شرکت آورتین[:fa]دستگاه کمک والس سانتریفوژ ساخت شرکت آورتین[:]

dry Stoner

Dry stoners are used to separate granular material according to the specific weight into two fractions and in dry material condition. They find their application mainly in the elimination of heavy impurities, such as stones, metallic particles. etc., from coffee, grain, pulse etc...

Single channel stand control sieve

Single channel stand control sieve with dimensions 110x110 cm Single channel stand control sieve with dimensions 110x110 cm

square plansifter 2/14_20

[:en]square plansifter 2/14_20 made in Avartin company[:fa]الک طبقاتی دو کانال ساخت شرکت آورتین[:]