Avartin’s chain conveyors are economical and reliable, simple and robust in construction and little maintenance.

No trained staff is required for working the cases with detachable covers which are resistant to tension and bending are made from solid  sheet steel. All case parts are reinforced by flanges and connected on modular system.

نقاله زنجیری

Some advantages in chain conveyor application

  • Dust and weather tight design
  • Minimum space required
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Self regulated feed of material
  • Possibility to convey material with high temperature
  • No risk of explosion
  • Smooth transfer of materials without damage to seeds

Chain Conveyor Head consist of

  • Tightened chain wheel
  • Over-loud sensor
  • Variable geared motor
  • Installation capability
  •  Over-loud discharge valve with spherical rollers bearing
  • Anti dust casing


نقاله زنجیری دو شیب

It is considerable  that the Avartin company is one of the few manufacturers of REDLER conveyors. Due to its form-shaped body, this machine has the ability to move materials in both horizontal and vertical directions.
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