jet filter used for separate dust and dirt caused by the operation of industrial machines such as grain mills in various industries. It provides re-joining of useful  jetparticles fluttering in air to the system by being absorbed and thus prevents production loss

Avartin Company with three decades of experience in the design and operation of industrial machinery, has registered as one of the largest companies in the field of design, construction and commissioning of the jet filter

How the Jet Filter Works

The separation of raw material from air in the cyclone accomplished by centrifugal force. In next step unwoven bag filters collecting dust and clean air will send out through the crossing of bags. These filters are used in almost every sector and branch of industry. In light of constantly increasing environmental awareness and more stringent legal regulations, dust removal has become an absolute must in almost all companies. Can be said that the Jet filters are particularly suited for use in reception and storage plants for grain and other bulk materials, the biomass industry, the feed industry as well as the food industry.
The pulse system is a mechanism that uses compressed air at a pressure of about 5 bar as a high-pressure jet into filter bags that will completely clean the bags. Injection of compressed air is continuously repeated through the electronic control panel at adjustable times.
Time-controlled and/or differential pressure-controlled cleaning of the filter bags results in greater flexibility for setting the cleaning operation. By installing anti-blast valves required the Jet filters satisfy even the most stringent safety requirements

Product Details of Jet Filter

Each jet filter attended to a airlock. Machine consists of three main parts as air tank, trunk, waste output. Permeable bags attached onto baskets found on filter trunk are placed onto mirror sheet. Jet filter body is ST37 and bags are unwoven polyester fiber.

Working Principlie

Air to be filtered enters into filter input and starts dispersing within trunk. Due to the cyclone shape of the body, the dusts are separated by the body and the filter bags. Clean air is exhausted from upper cap of filter. Wastes collected on exterior surfaces of filter bags are discharged by being shaken in regular intervals. For shaking, it is ensured that air pressure blower fills air tanks. Then, pulse valves trigger diaphragm spring and give the air to bags in a pressured way. Wastes are guided through the spreader to the desired point of the plot, by shaking bags. It is used in other similar industrial facilities apart from flour and animal feed factories

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