.Dry stoner machine is used to separating rocks, sands and glass wastes or metal scrap from cereals and grains based on their weight. The design and operation of the Dry stoner requires the existence of a proprietary technical knowledge , which the avartin company has been registering as one of the largest companies in the this field with the experience of three decades of activity.

. This machine is made up of two floors, at the first, the material is placed on a shaky upper screen and classified by air flow. By using this, it is possible to separate the light wheat from the heavy one, and finally, each of them extracted from the specific output. In order to create a vacuum in the appliance, floating the wheat versus sand and increasing efficiency, the relationship between the output of grains, light wheat and heavy wheat with the environment is controlled by the rubber valves. At the entrance, a damper and spring system are located that perform isolation. Capacity and performance of the dry stoner compared to the volume and its occupied area are very high. the amount of suction that acts to float the wheat is done by a special grading damper and the slope of the machine is also made by a two-way kickstand, and the amount of vacuum of sand output is changed by an aluminum damper which has the ability to adjust and stabilize. Dust and other hanging particles suction are carried out by the central ventilation system. This machine is used in the food industry, cleaning cereals, semolina flour and mills, cocoa and coffee, and oil, malt, and corn plants.

The advantages of dry stoner machine are as follow.

  • High Capacity and efficiency while being low in consumption
  • Very simple maintenance
  • High durability and strength, long life
  • Dust free operation
  • Quiet working conditions
  • Easy cleaning

Dry stoners that used by the Avartin co. are in two models of  ADS10 and ADS20 , and the specifications of these machines are given in the following table.




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